Legionella Booklet

Could your workplace be at risk of Legionella?

If your workplace has one of the following things it could be at risk of Legionella:

    • a cooling tower or evaporative condenser
    • dry/wet cooling systems
    • hot and cold water systems
    • spa pools
    • other potential risk systems

What this booklet includes:

  • News headlines of Legionella cases in the UK
  • About Legionella and how people get Legionnaires' disease
  • Legionnaires' disease symptoms
  • Is your workplace at risk? Is a legionella risk assessment a legal requirement? Is legionella testing a legal requirement? How often should a legionella risk assessment be carried out?
  • Carrying out a legionella risk assessment. Who can carry out the risk assessment? Can you carry out the risk assessment yourself? Is your workplace HIgh, medium or low risk?
  • Deadlegs
  • Managing legionella in hot & cold water systems
  • Flushing water systems- how to 
  • Products for Legionella

Make sure that you are aware of the dangers and the huge fines or jail sentences you could face even if you just have a risk of Legionella.

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Legionella Booklet

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Legionella Booklet

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